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2003-2006 Articles, Publications, Speeches and Interviews

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March 19, 2003       

Article on “The MCA (Millennium Challenge Account) Promotes Sound Economic Policies”; Washington File, Department of State; Washington, D.C.

April 22, 2004                    

Op-Ed: “Intellectual Property Protection in Much Need of a Global Boost”

May 13, 2004                     

Op-Ed: “United Against Terrorist Financing”

September 4, 2004             

Article in E-Journal USA: "The Global War on Terrorist Finance"

October 25, 2004               

Op-Ed on "U.S. Determined to Aid Sustainable World Coffee Production";

December, 2004                 

Book Review: "Leveraging the Global Marketplace"; review of "Commercial Diplomacy and the National Interest" by Harry W. Kopp, American Academy of Diplomacy/Business Council for International Understanding, 2004; printed in Foreign Service Journal, December, 2004

February 10, 2005              

Interview at the University of California, Berkeley as part of the "Conversations with History" series; Berkeley, CA (interview given December, 2004)

April 29, 2005                    

Article in “European Affairs”: “In Helping Poor Countries, Action Speaks Louder than Words”

June 21, 2005                     

“AGOA (African Growth and Opportunity Act): Promoting Trade and Prosperity in Africa”; Dow Jones Reuters Business Interactive LLC

July 8, 2005                        

Op-Ed: “Why U.S. Stands with Africa as a Partner and a Friend”

October 7, 2005                 

Interview with Boris Volkhonsky on “American Investment in Russia is at the Level of Costa Rica”; Moscow, Russia

December 5, 2005              

Op-Ed: "Disrupting Terrorists' Support- An Ounce of Prevention"

December 8, 2005              

Op-Ed: "Protecting Innovations in the Americas"

December 14, 2005            

"Prevención, el mejor medio para obstaculizar la acci6n de terroristas." El Cronista . (Escrito por el Emb. Wayne cuando se desempenaba como Subsecretario para Asuntos Economicos y de Negocios). (Prevention is the best way to block terrorists’ action.)

December 21, 2005            

Interview with the Associated Press: "Efforts to Raise International Awareness and Additional  Resources for Pakistan"; Washington,  D.C.

January 9, 2006                  

Op-Ed: "Disrupting Terrorists’ Support- An Ounce of Prevention;" Placed in various international papers.

January 10, 2006                

"U.S. Officials say assets freeze making it harder on AI-Qaeda," Agence France Presse- English January  10, 2006; "Countries have seized or frozen US$157 million ([euro] 112 million) in ai-Qaida and Taliban assets , U.S. official says, Edith M. Lederer, Associated Press Writer

January 24 , 2006               

"Proteger las ideas y Ia identidad" (Protecting ideas and identity), Clarín, Argentina.

February 16, 2006              

Address to U.S. Chamber of Commerce on State Department Economic Assistance to Morocco; Washington, D.C.

February 17, 2006              

Remarks at the Bank of San Francisco: "U.S. Economic Diplomacy: Priorities and Concerns”; San Francisco, California

February 24, 2006              

Op-Ed: "Stop Channeling Charity to Terrorists." Carried in various newspapers around the world (e.g. April 27 in Turkey's Vatan)

March 2006                        

"Why Protecting Intellectual Property Matters" in Focus on Intellectual Property Rights, State Department E-journal

March 28, 2006                  

Remarks to American Turkish Council Conference Luncheon On U.S.-Turkey Relations "Growing the Economic Relationship,” Washington, D.C.

April 6, 2006                      

Remarks to the Commercial Association of Sao Paulo (ACSP); Sao Paulo, Brazil

April 6, 2006                      

World Economic Forum (WEF) website article “Latin America Poised to Lead Global Development of Biofuels”

April 9, 2006                      

Emerging Markets Economy – Latin America: “Latin America can become global leader in biofuels and renewable energy”

May 5, 2006                       

Address to Business Council for the International Understanding (BCIU); Indian Treaty Room, White House

May 11, 2006                     

Articles in Argentine Press: Clarín: “For the United States, Argentina Should Improve its Investment Climate”; La Prensa: “Washington Asks for a More Favorable Investment Climate”; Cronista Comercial: “United States Questions the Investment Climate”; Buenos Aires Herald (English Language Daily): “Next U.S. Ambassador Wants an Investor-Friendlier Environment”

May 22, 2006                     

Remarks to European Policy Center on “Energy Security – A Global Challenge”, Brussels, Belgium