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1987-89 Articles published in The Christian Science Monitor

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7/24       Iran's Hostage Hardball

7/31       Congress Threatens to End Pakistan Aid Over Nuclear Program

8/3      Tougher Times Ahead in the Gulf

8/5         After Iran Threats, West Eyes Hezbollah

8/7         U.S. Takes Firm Line on Haiti

8/10-16  Iran Pulls Global Strings

8/12       Pakistan Resists Urgings by U.S. on Nuclear Programs

8/17       U.S. Treads Fine Line in Supporting Chad

8/21       U.S. Says Key to Gulf Policy is "Stand up to Iran"

8/24       Thaw in U.S. Syria Relations will be tested

8/24       Iran-Soviet Commercial Links

8/27       U.S. Optimistic About Iran Policy

8/24-30  U.S. Walks a Fine Line on Chad

9/8         U.S. Officials Bemoan Lack of Aid for African Nations

9/9         U.S. Feels Pressure to Giver Military Assistance to Chad

9/11       U.S. Officials Support UN Role in Reducing Tensions in the Gulf

9/15       U.S. Says Success Depends on Soviets

9/16       Progress is Possible on Cutting Strategic Arms

9/17       Administration Sends PLO a Message about Terrorism

9/18       French Anti-Terror Plan Stresses Cooperation...

9/22       Without Reform Ethiopia Faces More Trouble

9/30       Congressman Calls for Unified U.S. Foreign Policy

10/2       Critics in the Know Blast Journalist's Book

10/5       U.S. Ready to Send Stingers to Chad

10/6       President of Moderate Tunisia Names Hard-Line Successor

10/13     Mozambique Hopes for Warmer U.S. Ties

10/13     Foreign Minister Talks of Mozambique's Goals

10/14     Reagan Administration Feels Pressure to Expand Gulf Role

10/14     Congress and Administration Face Off Over Aid to Pakistan

10/15     Crocker Defends U.S. Policy on South Africa

10/16     Shultz visits Middle East

10/19     Shultz will press Soviets for Unity on Gulf ...

10/19      U.S. Agrees to Sell Anti-Aircraft Missiles to Chad

10/21     Gulf Terrorism Prompts Calls for New Look at U.S. Policy

10/21     Critics Hit State Department Decision to Cut Embassy Staffs

10/22     Gandhi Visit Helps to Deepen India's Ties...

10/26     U.S. Will Stay in the Gulf.

11/3       U.S. Sees Progress in South Africa Talks

11/4       Korea's Move Toward Democracy is Fragile

11/5       Congress Considers Boosting Sanctions Against South Africa

11/6       U.S. Irked by Stalled Gulf Diplomacy

11/12     U.S. Pleased with Tunisia's Early Changes

11/13     Tightening the Reins on U.S. Intelligence

11/17     U.S. Pursues Containment of Iran

11/19     U.S. Officials Warn of Renewed Famine in Ethiopia

11/20     Progress on Afghanistan is Possible

11/27     IRA Reported to Get Huge Arms Shipment from Libya

11/30     U.S.-Cuba Immigration Accord Masks Poor Relations

12/1       U.S. Role in Haiti Comes Under Fire

12/2       Israel Accused anew of Nuclear Violations

12/3       Atrocities Reported in Zimbabwe

12/4       U.S. to Press Gorbachev ...on Southwest Africa

12/9       Iran-Iraq War Tops Agenda ...at the Summit

12/14     Senate Votes Aid to Pakistan

12/14     Nuclear Programs Heighten Tensions Between South Asian Rivals

12/15     U.S. Officials Hope for a Free and Fair Election in South Korea

12/18     U.S. Relieved Over Korean Elections

12/21     Conservatives Worry U.S. will give away the store in Afghanistan

12/29     Toughness with Terrorists...

12/30     U.S. Anxiously Watches Run-Up to Haiti Elections


1/4        New Phase for Gulf War?

1/5        Libya Seeks Chemical Weapons ...

1/8        Khomeini Foes Fast.

1/8        Anti-Khomeini Mujahedin...

1/13      U.S. Searches for a Way Around Law that will Close PLO Office

1/14      U.S. urges Panama's Military to lower its Profile

1/14      Ethiopia's Reform Package...

1/15      U.S. Looks to Haitian People ...for political change

1/19      Parties in Afghan Conflict Appear Poised for Soviet Withdrawal

1/22      India-Pakistan Rivalry Could Spawn Nuclear Proliferation

1/26      Palestinians at Heart of Mubarak Talks in U.S.

1/26      U.S. Unhappy with Haiti Vote

1/27      U.S. And Japan Denounce North Korea on Terror

1/28      Kidnap of Germans Appears Aimed at Terrorism Trial

1/29      Panamanian Leader Linked ...to Drug Trafficking

2/2        U.S. Explores Mideast Parley

2/2        Civil Strife Blocks Food Aid to Mozambique

2/10      Plutonium Sets Off Explosive Debate

2/ 11     Drug Charges Hit Top Haitian Officer

2/16      Proposed Closing of PLO Office at UN Stirs Concern

2/17      Momentum Sought for Talks on Cutting conventional Weapons

2/18      U.S. Negotiators Walk a Mine Field on Angola

2/19      Shultz Seeking Specifics

2/19      Shultz Moscow Agenda includes ...Gulf War

2/19      Kidnap in Lebanon: U.S. Officials Oppose Concessions

2/22      Kohl Visit Eases Tensions...

2/24      Shultz Ventures into Middle East Mine Field

2/29      In Search of NATO Cohesion

3/2        Iran Embargo Draws Near

3/3        Just When an Afghan Plan Looked Near

3/8        Libyan Border Activity Sends mixed Messages ...

3/9        Drugs in Lebanon:  Militias Cooperate...

3/10      Middle East Diplomacy:  The Other Story

3/14      Reagan Vows not to Yield on Soviet Arms to Afghan

3/15      Angola Embarks on Diplomatic Maneuvers

3/18      U.S. Dilemma with Laos

3/23      U.S. Looks at Chile as Next Place to Promote Democracy

3/28      U.S. Adamant on Cutoff of Soviet Arms to Kabul

3/29      U.S. Debates Nudging Haiti Toward Democracy

4/1        Shultz Takes Long View ...for Middle East Peace

4/1        U.S. Officials:  Afghan Solution Near

4/4        As Pressures Mount, Conditions Ripen...in Angola

4/4        Quick Action by South Africa, Angola Needed

4/5        Shultz Fights Distortion of U.S. Peace Plan...

4/11      Administration Set to Defend Afghan Accords

4/13      Concern Rises for Ending Gulf War

4/18      An Israeli Warns of Samson Complex

4/18      African Leaders want U.S. Mediation in Angola

4/21      Mozambique Rebels Slaughter Fleeing Civilians

4/21      Thailand Besieged (Refugees)

4/21      Hijack Ending: ...Wrong Message to Terrorists

4/22      U.S. Sees Possible Rise in Middle East Terrorism

4/25      Mozambique Rebels Deny Charges of Civilian Abuse

4/27      Iranian Tactics Anger Saudis

4/29      How to Gain Cooperatives in the Americas

4/29      Drug Demon in U.S.

5/2        Deal on Noriega's Exit Excludes U.S.

5/3        U.S. Mediator Tries ...to End Lebanon's Civil War

5/6        Cost of Freeing Hostages

5/9        U.S. Makes Ready for Afghanistan Shifts after Soviet Pull Out

5/10      Is Libya Behind Anti-U.S. Strikes?

5/18      Web of Issues Complicates U.S.-Panama Policy

5/19      Parties to South Africa Conflicts are Inching Ahead

5/19      Senators Urge Reconciliations in Angolan Civil War

5/31      Benazir Bhutto Hopes to be Pakistani Future

6/1        Why the U.S. is involved in Lebanon

6/1        U.S. Shuttle Diplomacy in Lebanon...

6/3        Shultz Acts with Eye on Middle East Future

6/3        Shultz's Challenge...

6/6        Abu Nidal Terrorist Group...

6/8        Disputed Patch of Desert Key to Egyptian-Israeli Relations

6/10      Israeli General says Uprising is Easing

6/13      Afghan Rebels Making Gains

6/15      Haiti's Calm Could Mark Explosive Situation

6/15      Foreign Minister Asks for New Look at Haiti

6/17      Economic Summiteers On Alert for Terrorist Attacks

6/20      Military Split Could Shake Haiti

6/21      U.S. Watches Fluid Events in Haiti

6/22      New Haitians Gov't may be More Military than Before

6/24      Four Party Talks on conflict in Angola...

7/1        Angola Rivals Vie for U.S. Ear

7/5        U.S. Stands by its Policy in the Gulf

7/6        U.S. Wary of Iranian Reactions

717        Iran-Iraq was no closer to End

7/8        Secret Travels of Bomb Making Materials

7/11      Talks on South Africa Resume...

7/12      Proposed Arms Deal Tests U.S. Gulf Policy

7/14      Shifting Evidence in Ship Attack

7/15      U.S. Officials New Give and Take ...On South Africa

7/18-24 How A-Bomb Materials Slip Across Borders

7/18      Japanese Terror Group Leaves Global Footprints

7/20      Rebuilding of Afghanistan...

7/22      U.S. Pushes Greece on Terrorism

7/25      Hungarian Communist Party Chief to Visit Washington

7/25-31 Red Army puts Police on Red Alert

7127      PLO Moderation's Called Target of Greek Attack

7/28      Iranian Opposition Bids for Power

7/29      U.S. Cautions on Hostages

8/1        Now the "Nitty-Gritty" on Namibia-Angola

8/2        U.S. Analysts Sees Hussein's Actions as Tactical Ploy

8/4        South African Peace Proposal

8/5        Congressional Leadership Gets on Board for Arms Sale to Kuwait

8/8        "Step Forward" on Namibia-Angola Talks

8/8        U.S. Sets Out to Calm Two Middle East Friends

8/9        Parties in Southwest Africa Agree

8/11      Congress Takes New Look at Sanctions (on South Africa)

8/12      Troops May Go, But Soviet Afghan Legacy Remains

8/15      U.S. Wants Chileans to Have Free Choice in Fall Plebiscite

8/16      Washington Woos Marxist Government in Mozambique

8/22      Libyan Leader Tries to Charm

8/22      While Allegedly Backing Terrorism

8/24      Hanoi Send Chill Over Relations with U.S.

9/7        Soviets Pressure Pakistan

9/7        Namibia Talks Enter Crucial Round

9/12      U.S. in a Bind Over Iraqi Use of Poison Gas Against Kurds

9/14      Electoral Standoff Threatens More Chaos for Lebanon

9/16      New Coup Plotting Reported in Haiti

9/17      Zimbabwe Leads Africa on Several Fronts

9/19      Haiti's Army Still in Control

9/19       Foreign Policy Waits Not for U.S. Vote

9/22       Shevardnadze, Shultz...

9/26       New Talks Zero in on Pull-Out of Cuban Troops from Angola

9/27       U.S.-UN Chill Starts to Thaw

9/28       Shevardnadze Calls for Stronger UN

10/3       Haiti Retirees Colonel in Bid for Aid

10/5       U.S. Tries to Determine why Hostage Released

10/6       U.S. Disputes Philippine Demands for Base Fees

10/6       Foreign Secretary Talks of Colonial Legacy

10/10-16 Zimbabwe Leader Goes His Own Way

10/11     Agreement Reached on Cuban Withdrawal

10/11     U.S. Will Bolster Cambodia's Non-Communist Resistance Force

10/11     Chinese Official Seeks more pressure on Hanoi Over Cambodia

10/12     Mozambique Foreign Minister...

10/14     U.S. Debates Sanctions Against Iraq

10/17     Philippines and U.S. Agree on Bases

10/18    Sihanouk Leaves Washington Astir

10/21    Hostage Surprise Not Likely

10/25    Outside Anxiety Grows about. ..Lebanon

10/26    Nigeria, A Measured March to Democracy

10/28    Disputes Over Cuban Troops Stymie Angola -Namibia Talks

11/1      Arafat Tries to Reign in Radicals...

11/2      Soviets Bomb Afghanistan...

11/3      U.S. Pressures Arafat...on Terrorism

11/4      New Arms Talks Await Human Rights Program...

11/9      Washington urges Restraint. ..in Afghan Conflict

11/10    Bush Victory Might Spark Peace Talks on Namibia, Angola

11/15    European Friends Arrive ...

11/16    U.S.: PLO Must Do More

11/17    Undeclared A-Bombs Spread

11/18    U.S. Intel Gathering Falls Behind, Study Finds

11/28    Aid Quagmire in Sudan

11/28    Arabs Decry U.S. Rejection of Visa for PLO Arafat

11/29    Carlucci Urges Cautions on Soviet Moves

12/1      Gorbachev will try to Keep Momentum in U.S.-Soviet ties...

12/6      With End in Sight, South Africa Stalls on Accords

12/7      Tide of Immigrants from USSR Floods U.S.

12/9       Lebanese Patriarch...

12/12     Oil Drillers Press U.S. to Ease Libya Trade Loan

12/12     Qaddafi's Charm Offensive Leaves U.S. Unimpressed

12/14     In Fighting on Iran...

12/15     U.S. Debates Whether to Keep Waiting for Arafat

12/16     U.S. And PLO Take Important First Step

12/19     Arafat's Best May Not be Good Enough to Stop Palestinian Terrorism

12/2       Soviets Closing in on Afghan Decisions

12/22     Big Prize for South West Africa

12/28     U.S.-Greek Ties are Roiled by...Terrorism Case


1/3         Bush Foreign Policy Team to Inherit Complex Agenda

1/5         U.S.-Libya Clash Shows a Jittery Qaddafi

1/6         U.S. View of Chemical Arms Meeting

1/10       Islamic Crescent to Test Strategists

1/13       U.S. Case Against Libyan Plant Gains Support

1/17       Reagan's Libyan Legacy Lingers

1/19       Prospects for Peace in Cambodia

1/24       Experts Suspect Terrorist United to Bomb Airliner

1/24       Strange Bedfellows in ME-Palestinian and Shiite ...

1/25       Shultz's Gifts to New Team at State

1/26       U.S. Mideast task:  Keep Up the Momentum

1/30       Afghanistan: U.S. Expects Soviets to Pull Out on Target

2/3         Haiti:  Control Flows From Avril's Grasp

217        Iran's Wrenching Changes and U.S. Policy in the Gulf

2/8         Awaiting a Signal From Tehran

2/9         U.S. ties with Gulf Arabs Tighten

2/9         U.S. Dossier on Paraguay's Rodriguez Grows

2/10       Baker Takes a Stop-Look-Listen Tour of NATO Allies

2/14       U.S. Qualifies View of PLO Violence

2/14       Who is a Terrorist?

2/ 15      U.S. Eyes Bonn's Effort to Reform Chemical Export Rules

2/21       Search for Air Bombers Heats Up

2/21       U.S. Officials Say Khomeini's Call Points to Iranian Power Play

2/22       Bush Team Sets Its African Agenda

2/23       Angola-Namibia Accords:  Act Two

2/24       New Phase for Sino-U.S. Relationship?

2/28       Sudan: Can Washington Stop the Starvation?

3/3         Seeing Peace in the Horn of Africa

3/6         Iran: Hopes for Improved Relations ...Dashed

3/6         Iran's Revolution Has Led to Costly War and Economic Mismanagement

3/6         Soviets Court Iran as Western Suitors Fall by Wayside

3/7         Baker and Shevardnadze Test the Waters in Vienna

3/13       Bush Middle East Policy Takes Shape

3/13       Raids by Radical Factions Threaten U.S. Talks with PLO

3/14       U.S.-Syria Links Growing Cooler

3/15       Washington Pressed to Send Food to War Victims in Sudan

3/16       Baker Searches for New Stance toward Pretoria

3/17       UN in Urgent Effort to Get Food t Sudan

3/17       U.S. Seeks Ways to Bring Warring Mozambicans Together

3/22       U.S. Tries to Break Middle East Logjam

3/24       U.S. Weighs Aid Options to Afghans

3/28       Trying to Hurdle Rejectionist Syria

3/28       Sudan Roadblocks:  Gone Now Where is the Food?

4/5         Cease-Fire Efforts Stepped Up as Beirut Fighting Intensifies

4/6         Haiti's Avril Clings to Power, Hopes for Essential U.S. Aid

4/7         U.S. War of Peace Role in Lebanon

4/7         Aoun Wins Praise from Some Moslem Leaders

4/7         Urgent Meeting Set on Namibia

4/10       Bush Pleased with Shamir Visit

4/10       CIA Director Says Wait and See on Soviets

4/11       U.S. Gauging Soviet Intent after Bomber Sales to Libya

4/12       U.S., French Officials Discuss Lebanese Crisis

4/17       Hussein Visit will Center on Middle East Peace, More U.S. Aid

4/18       U.S. Measure Iran's New Radicalism

4/20       Congress keeps a Wary Eye on Angola

4/20       Namibia Peace on Track

4/21       France, U.S. Seek to End Shelling (Lebanon)

4/24       Friction Growing Between U.S., Syria

4/25       Hussein Visit Leaves U.S. Optimistic

5/1         U.S. Plays Catch Up on Cambodia

5/2         Links to Manila Remain Strong, Despite Murder

5/4         U.S. to Test Soviet New Thinking in Africa

5/4         Haiti's Calm Belies Turmoil Beneath

5/8         Ethiopian Regime Looks West for a Helping Hand

5/9         U.S.-Soviets Open Talks

5/10       U.S.-Soviets to Tackle Terrorism

5/10       U.S. Plugs Away at Rights Issues

5/10       Afghanistan: Locked Horns

5/11       Moscow:  A Ray of Hope for Beirut?

5/15       U.S. Welcomes "Natural" Easing of Tensions (USSR-China)

5/16       Bush Sets Froth His Strategic Vision

5/16       Angola Pushes Plan to End its Civil War

5/23       NATO Tries to Smooth Over Short-Range Missile Dispute

5/23       U.S. Envoy to Sudan will push for Peace, Food

5/24       South Africa:  U.S. Wants to Play Role of Catalyst

5/24       Namibia Independence Back on Track

5/26       U.S. Says it Backs Israel Proposal

5/30       Bush Takes Middle Road on China

5/31       Lebanon Looks to UN after Failed Summit

6/5         Bush Seeking Accord on Arms for Cambodian Resistance

6/6         Bhutto, Bush Will Set U.S.-Pakistan Agenda

6/7         U.S. Troubled by Afghan Stalemate

6/8         Bush Breaks Clear from Reagan's Mold

6/9         Bhutto Denies Pakistan has Nuclear Weapons

6/9         Warring Sudan Factions Meet on Cease-Fire and Food Aid

6/13       U.S.:  Diplomatic Ball is in Tehran's Court

6/15       U.S. Torn on Letha Aid for Sihanouk

6/16       U.S. Ponders Multinational Aid Plan for Eastern Europe

6/16       Afghanistan: U.S. Tells Guerrillas Politics Are Key

6/22       Lebanon:  Arab League Prepares New Peace Proposal

6/22       Zaire Summit could Mark Break in Angola Stalemate

6/23       Washington Eyes Iran's Moscow Visit

6/26       Qaddafi's Tries to Improve His Image

6/27       Peace Plan Flowers Amid change in South Africa

6/27       Israeli and Palestinian Violence Threatens Peace Efforts

7/11       Shamir Deals Setback to U.S. Hopes

7/12       U.S. Seeks End to Mozambique War

7/12       South African Events Give U.S. Hope for Black-White Talks

7/14       U.S. Tries to Salvage ME Peace Initiative

7/17       U.S. Helps Ease Lebanon Tensions

7/17       Iraq Returns to Middle East Political Lineup

7/17       Middle East Peace Efforts Compete with Spiraling Violence

7/18       U.S., Soviets Wage Arms Supply War

7/21       Trying to Cork Missiles, Chemicals